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appointment_1Appointments can be made online (using the AskFirst App or by using the NHS app from your mobile phone). Please remember that an appointment is for ONE person only. If you cannot keep an appointment please inform us as soon as possible so it can be used for another patient. If you want an online appointment (video call) then let us know and the doctor will provide a link to use on the day of the appointment.

🙌 The NHS App gives you 24/7 access to a range of NHS services all in one place:

 Access your COVID Pass

 Order repeat prescriptions  

 View your health records

Download the NHSApp now:

NHS App hits over 30 million sign-ups - NDRS

For urgent healthcare advice when your child is sick:                              Healthier Together: Improving the health of children and young people in South West London

Healthier Together A tool that gives consistent, accurate and trustworthy healthcare advice. The information on this site has been reviewed by experts in child health - your local paediatricians, GPs and clinicians across the region.

For any health advice 24 hours a day, or if you don’t have internet access, phone 111.

 When to use 111

Download the free HANDi Paediatric app for expert advice, support and guidance on common childhood illnesses.

The app has been designed as a way to reduce the number of children and young people who visit A&E but need no treatment.

It has been developed by paediatric consultants and will give parents access to home care plans, as well as primary care and hospital clinical guidelines.

The app contains information about when and how to ask for help, along with what to expect when your child is being assessed.

Android: Search ‘HANDi Paediatric’ on Google Play or

Apple: Search ‘HANDi Paediatric’ on App Store or  Devon links to appear in the next two weeks (following Apple approval process)